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SMDP Students Live Our Faith By Helping Others

Photo for SMDP Students Live Our Faith By Helping Others

During the month of October, our students in grades 1 and 2, under the guidance of Mrs. Parajon, our first grade teacher and Mrs. Papineau, our second grade teacher, led our school in a collection for Good Counsel Home.  Funds totaling over $1200.00 were collected and sent to this organization.  Special thanks to our first and third grade students, their teachers, and our entire student body, faculty, and families for supporting this community outreach project.

In addition, the Student Government, under the guidance of Mrs. Hodge, our prekindergarten 3 teacher and Miss Bensaia, our prekindergarten-4 teacher, spent their first October meeting making gifts for those Veterans who will be attending our annual Veterans’ Day  Celebration. These creative items will help to decorate the tables and will later serve as a reminder of just how grateful we are for all they have done for our county.

Also, our Anti-Bullying task force, under the guidance of Mrs. Morehead, our DARE counselor, has made and displayed positive sayings throughout our school building encouraging students to recognize just how special they are.  These quotes are an inspiration to all as they walk the halls of SMDP.

All of these things done during October are just another way that our students live our faith by trying to make a positive impact on others, make a difference in the lives of others and, live our faith.


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