St. Martin de Porres School


The Parent School Association (PSA) of St. Martin de Porres has the honorable mission to bring together the parents, priests and teachers of our parish in an effort to collaborate in promoting the spiritual and academic welfare of our students.

The PSA is comprised of a board of directors and holds monthly meetings that are typically the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the school lounge. Please refer to our school calendar for specific meeting times.  These meetings are open to all parents and family members who wish to learn more about school fundraising efforts and other information relevant to students and their families.

Objectives of the PSA

  • Create a greater appreciation of Catholic education
  • Encourage the maintenance of high standards of family life
  • Cooperate between all approved parish archdiocese organizations working for the advancement of Christina education in a Catholic home and school.
  • Engage in the raising and contributing of funds for the benefit of the school and its students

PSA PIP Administration

The PSA Board of Directors:

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